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Head office:

production & administration
alimex GmbH Precision in Aluminium in Willich near Düsseldorf, Germany
Registered Office: Amtsgericht Krefeld
Company registration number: HRB 12968
Tax ID number: DE 114116705

alimex GmbH Precision in Aluminium in Willich near Düsseldorf, Germany

Managing director: Dr. Philip Grothe
Founded: 1970
Equity: > 3 m Euro
Production area
in Germany:
21.000 m2
Staff: 170
Affiliated companies: alimex benelux B.V. in the Netherlands
alimex UK Precision in Aluminium Ltd. in the UK
alimex Precision in Aluminum, Inc. in the US
Product range: ACP 5080R
ACP 5080
ACP 5080MF
ACP 5080R GIANT and ACP 5080 GIANT
ACP 5080S and ACP 5080RS
ACP 6000
AMP 7000 and AMP 8000
Rolled products
Pre-finished component parts
PLANAL 5083, PLANAL 6082 and PLANAL 7075
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